terms / disclaimer


Roadconcerns.com is a free online public service reporting tool, enabling cities, towns, and villages, to receive email messages about road concerns in their community from their concerned citizens. Cities, towns, and villages, may subscribe to a free program where they may use a six-item response list; adding roadconcerns.com to their web page does this. They may opt not to use that system and simply receive emails from concerned citizens. The citizens may choose from a list of concerns, or they may fill in a box with other concerns on their roads; go to an optional google map and pinpoint the location of concern. Next they fill in a box requiring their name web address, and the city, town, or village, and they choose a password, if a response is desired. The same process can be used without receiving a response, by simply sending their concern. The program is designed to aid everyone to electronically send a message without tying up phone lines, freeing up individuals to have more time for other issues. The program can be used 24 hours a day, and be sent to any department if desired. Updates on road changes may be entered in a box on the right side of the web page. Advertisers in the community, for a nominal fee, provide the entire cost of the program. Cities, towns, and villages may opt to remove themselves from the program if they desire. Those in the area may still email the cities, towns, and villages of their concerns.



Since roadconcerns.com is a free public service electronic reporting tool used for general needs of the community, it will not held responsible / liable for response time from a city, village, or town. It is held free from responsibility of transmission of emails due to the nature of delays and other means of blockage of electronic information. Road concerns is not held responsible / liable for the response message from concerned citizens, either expressed or implied. Road concerns advertisers are also free from responsibility of communication, and responses from all parties concerned. Since roadconcerns.com is simply a passive reporting system, it shall not be held liable for emergencies of any nature that may arrive. The program is not designed for instant response. It is strongly suggested when an emergency arises, other measures should be taken. The concerned party may choose to go directly to an emergency response system such as the police, fire, director of public works, or any other necessary department. The individual may decide to use the telephone, or any other way to communicate the emergency proper department. Cities always try to respond to emergencies in a professional manner, and as soon as possible; so patience should prevail. Make sure the message is sent in a clear understandable way, and have the person receiving the message repeat your response. You may state the urgency of the situation.

Roadconcerns.com will not sell or transfer information either electronically or manually to any source relating to the emails and responses from all parties


Cities, towns, villages, and counties receiving the roadconcern.com emails, are not legally bound or obligated to act or respond to any, or all messages regarding road concerns; as stated, they are of an informative nature. Cities, towns, villages and counties do not endorse products or services other than the ones permitted in their legal disclaimer.